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The preservation of our environment is one of the biggest global challenges of our time. The only way to maintain our habitat over the long term is by working together to balance the needs of nature and humankind. Environmental technologies are critical for sustainable development. We want to stand up and accept responsibility for environmental protection and make our know-how available to others.

Sawen is a QCI & NABL accreditated environmental consultant organization based at Lucknow, India. Sawen group is a multi disciplinary professionally managed consultancy group providing consultancy on all aspects related to Environment & Pollution Control and undertakes study of environmental parameters through two complimentary companies Sawen Consultancy Services & Sawen Projects & Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Sawen is an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals focusing on environmental and social issues and processes. We work hand in hand with Governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the private sector and communities to achieve sustainable natural resource management, by sharing knowledge, building capacities and facilitating equitable development. Sawen has provided a vast range of consultancy and laboratory services; Environment Impact Assessment Studies (EIA), Environment Management Plans (EMP), Environmental Quality Assessment, Environmental Training & Education, R&R Survey. Environmental Audit , Bio diversity studies, Socio Economic Studies, Mine Plans, Risk Assessment and Disaster Management, Ground Water Studies , Rain Water Harvesting Study, water shed management studies , water & effluent management studies, water balance studies, land use mapping green belt designing , zonal mapping etc. to all sectors of economy notably Government Sector, Semi –Government Sector, Corporate Sector and reputed Private Sector.

Sawen forte is securing from the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) the mandatory environment clearance essential prior to setting up any new project or embarking on capacity expansion of existing projects. Securing environmental clearance requires defending an EMP before an expert committee of MoEF and convincing that the project does not adversely impacts the environment either on macro or micro level. Sawen has phenomenal rate of cent percent success in securing environmental clearance for over one dozen projects. Periodic Environmental compliances is an integral part of this service. Securing NOC/ CTE/CTO from State Pollution Control Boards is also an added assignment for the same.

Environmental pollution and its control – regulations – remediation have emerged as challenging concerns in all sectors of our economy. To meet the challenge Sawen’s training division imparts EMP Training, knowledge and skills to managers and operatives of industries, technologies and other sectors. It also conducts environmental awareness programs or students who will be the leaders of the society tomorrow. We are conversant with the existing legal and procedural requirements of conduction monitoring and evaluation of analysis data. We are also fully equipped with required instruments and infrastructure for conducting evaluation studies with our own environmental laboratory (NABL Certification No.: T-2091).
Sawen also undertakes design engineering, supply, erection and commissioning& scientific operation of ETPs, WTPS, STPs and APCS, etc.

The group is strong in research and development and has developed soil testing kit, water testing kit, fertilizer testing kit for testing of basic parameter of soil, water and fertilizer.
Sawen has a highly qualified and experienced team of scientists, environmental engineers, personals in the field of technical auditing and quality assurance services and is equipped with latest infrastructure facilities and modern presentation techniques.

Sawen lays great stress on methodology opted for particular job. The policy of our organization is most effectively implemented by the management and senior associates with diverse qualification and broad spectrum of experience in their chosen field of endeavor. We take pride in our professional integrity and complete co- operation and co-ordination between clients and ourselves.

Sawen possesses permanent full time manpower of 40, while 20 personals are in retainer basis. This includes highly experienced and qualified professionals executives, engineers, scientists, and Trainer, analysts, and support field staff. The manpower, apart from being qualified and experienced, is motivated, multi- skilled, specially trained in field work, field surveys, awareness creation, etc. Our extensive client portfolio includes local government, housing associations, universities, schools, colleges, NGO’s, Industries, developers,
Ways of Working
Hand in hand with local entities – Sawen has a strong ethic of mutual capacity building, both within the company itself and with its clients. Strong emphasis is placed on supporting its network of associates in order to foster self reliance and effective action. Sawen believes in boosting and working with already existing organisations provided that they have the same aim of promoting development that is socially equitable and environmentally sound. For this reason we tend to form strong and lasting relationships with local NGOs, community-based organizations, the Private sector, Government, and relevant stakeholders at all levels.

Through multidisciplinary collaboration Sawen interacts at many different levels with its partners. Our own staff and expanded implementation teams include academics, planners and ground level project managers. The consultants have diverse skills in the natural, human, social, and financial environments, which allow them to undertake a wide variety of work geared towards driving social, environmental and economic change. Ground level project managers, functional area experts and coordinators deployed in Sawen-managed projects ensure continuity beyond our own involvement, thus adding to the long term sustainability.

Raising awareness in terms of environmental education, public policy processes or giving exposure to worthy causes or marginalised communities is something that lies in the heart of all work that Sawen does. We are intensely aware of the power of public opinion and mass education and believe that good ideas can change the world, but only if they are shared.

Training, Capacity Building & Skills Transfer At the heart of Sawen?s philosophy lies capacity building through the transfer of knowledge and appropriate technologies. This approach leads to projects and programmes becoming self-sustainable. It breaks the cycle of dependence on external assistance and empowers societies to shape their own future. Our experience in capacity building includes environmental education and training, summer trainings for budding environmentalists, soil testing kit demonstration & training for farmers, course developments, community development and resource management through a wide resource base that includes links to academic, governmental, NGO and funding institutions.
ESTABLISHED TRACK RECORD Unlike your experience with some larger environmental consulting firms, you will find S.A.W.E.N to be a highly responsive and nimble organization. By selecting our company, you will have direct access to respected senior technical professionals who are committed to attentive client service— and you will pay for only the expertise that you need.

RESULTS-ORIENTED TEAM MEMBERS We have a reputation for quickly assessing a client’s situation, thinking on our feet and getting things done. You will work with us at the project site, on the plant floor, in the board room or in front of appraisal committee—wherever your task requires. And at each project juncture, you will receive usable field data, clear verbal and written explanations, and actionable advice.

THE DIFFERENCE When you engage S.A.W.E.N, we will assess your concern from all angles, and then apply our collective knowledge to create a manageable and cost-effective solution for you. When our clients require additional point expertise, we assume the role of program manager. In this role, we structure the project, provide our expertise, and oversee strategic partnerships with other practitioners to deliver the best possible result. We provide free environmental consultancy/ guidance for farmers and Sand/ Moram/ Soil mining stakeholders.
Our Vision
Sawen is a group backed by the vision of experienced and dedicated engineers, scientists, and management professionals having expertise in the field of.......
Our Mission
The Spirit to contribute towards the welfare of human being by optimum use of available natural resources and minimization of waste to maintain equilibrium is of available.......
Our Strength
Sawen group are compact and unique organisation that blends rare skills required for the assignment. Sawen possesses a strong organisation with demonstrated intellectual.......
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